White Wedding Favours


    From hot summer to winter wonderland weddings, white wedding themes are timeless for any time of the year. Make sure your white wedding theme is strong all through your decor and wedding favours. If you want more white wedding tips and ideas, use our selection below to find the white wedding favours for your wedding theme.

    For a white wedding theme or provincial style vibe, this mini enamel pitcher is ideal for a small floral arrangement. It can even be used as a unique package for sweets. Personalize by adding a ribbon or a sticker for a little DIY.
    • Sold in packages of 4
    • Enamel
    • 8.5 cm x 5 cm x 10.5 cm H
    white wedding favors - enamelware pitchers

    Small White Enamelware Pitcher Favour

    For a white wedding theme, this mini pitcher is ideal for a small floral arrangement.
    Consider these quality white ceramic bottle stoppers which are elegant and functional as well. This little white wedding favour will sit perfectly atop any wine bottle. Wedding guests always enjoy receiving a bottle stopper as it is becoming a popular tradition.
    • 7.6 x 7.6 cm H
    white wedding favors - ceramic bird bottle stopper

    Ceramic Love White Bird Bottle Stopper

    Consider these quality white ceramic bottle stoppers which are elegant and functional.

    white candy wedding favours heart shaped


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      Guests will of course need Favors and there are plenty of elegant items that can be chosen. Remember Love Hearts? Well these Love Conversation Hearts would work well as your wedding favours. They are wintergreen in flavor and fit well into favor bags or boxes. They can also be used with floral arrangements to make interesting center pieces too.

    White Candy Heart Shaped

    Guests will of course need Favors and there are plenty of elegant items that can be chosen.

    white cotton wedding favour bag


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      Talking of favour bags, why not put your favors into a bag that makes a statement too. This drawstring favor bag is made of 100% organic cotton and is reusable. It can be a gift wrap for lots of treats and candies.

    Organic White Favour Bags

    Talking of favour bags, why not put your favors into a bag that makes a statement too.
White Wedding Favours
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From a warm summer night to a winter glamour wedding, a white wedding is a great idea for any season. So it is not unusual to see the white colour used for summer or winter wedding favours. Make sure to consider white wedding favours to go along with the white wedding decorations you intend to use. If you need more ideas for white wedding favours, use this page to find the white favours of your dreams. Consider also the possibility of black and white wedding favours which are becoming the new trend for a lot of weddings. For a selection of white wedding favours, consider the items shown below on this page. For other closely related interesting colours, make sure to check out silver or aqua blue wedding favours.

White Wedding Theme

Are you the traditional kind of person? Or maybe the fairy tale innocent or dreamy type? Before you consider different colors for your wedding, a white wedding theme is something you should seriously look into. This theme is a traditional route that originated in Britain 180 years ago. It will go with many other themes as well like vintage, creamy color and gold. So white can also be used as an added particular accent to vintage or traditional wedding favours.

The white wedding theme now encapsulates the complete Western marriage routine, especially when it comes to the Christian tradition. It generally includes the wedding ceremony during which the marriage begins and then it is followed by a reception.

Remember that white has always been associated with innocence and purity. Since most believe that on its own white can be boring, many are surely looking to add another color. However a white wedding theme is anything but boring even if on its own! Having an all white wedding theme (or mostly white) will surely make a dramatic statement. It is a timeless wedding color, so if you dare to be truly unique and stick with an all white affair, why not?

White Wedding Decorations

As for white wedding favours, white wedding decorations must be sleek and clean, modern and sophisticated. However if it is all white, be careful not to make the feel a little too clinical. So it would not be a bad idea to add touches of silver or gold here and there. Since the color white looks good mixed with any color, it matter little what color you pair it with. Just remember that white should still be the main focus of your white wedding theme. Any other color has to be used sparingly, because the other color can steal the show and you would lose your white theme. If elegance is what you are looking for, silver or gold is the road to go. If you want a more laid back feel, try some colors that are appropriate for the season.

When it comes to items, white wedding decorations are the easiest to find since weddings are usually already associated with that color.

Injecting the odd subtle infusion of texture, color, and some unexpected details makes the look of a classic wedding extra special. Choosing beautiful, timeless and luxurious items and mixing these with contemporary accents will create a once-in-a-lifetime day full of grace and style.

There are many white wedding decor ideas you can come up with just by looking at our suggestions below.

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