Traditional Wedding Favours


    Many couples would rather go with traditional wedding favours and avoid the risks that come with choosing unusual wedding favours. In a way, edible and personalized wedding favours are what make up traditional wedding favours. has unique tips and ideas to go the traditional route with your favours.

traditional wedding favours


Many couples would rather go with traditional wedding favours and avoid the risks that come with choosing unusual and unique wedding favours. However, the main principle remains the same: when you are trying to decide on your wedding favours, one thing you should always remember is whether your guests will keep them. After all, why give favours if guests will throw them out as soon as they get home? This article gives you many suggestions for traditional wedding favours.

Edible Wedding Favours

A very popular kind of traditional favours is what is known as edible wedding favours. Yes, they might not stay long in your guests’ homes but they never go unnoticed and everyone enjoys them. The vast majority of guests like consumable wedding favours. Some guests find this even better because they are not left with an item they feel obligated to keep around the house, or even feel guilty when throwing away.

glass jar with lid traditional wedding favourJars with lids are always part of the traditional route when it comes to guest favours. This may seem normal but more and more couples forget this traditional wedding favour idea which is always popular.

Imagine filling a mini glass jar with candy or another with your favorite homemade jam. This is a guaranteed way of having your guests go home happy.

Check out this mason jar which comes with a customized printed design that you can choose. It also features a gorgeous solid lid in silver.


• Sold in packages of 12
• Other colors for lids available

• 7cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 10cm (H)


edible wedding favorAnother traditional favour idea is to use wedding goodie or sweets bags for any kind of candy or sweets of your choice. It is not surprising that these wedding favours are also the ones that are personalized.

Consider these printed paper wedding bags which are available in different colors, blue, yellow, pink and black to suit any wedding decor items. These bags will hold any type of cookies, candy or sweets and will give that extra traditional charming feel. Add a customized sticker to make it personal for your guests.

• This item is sold in packages of 50
• FDA food safety rating

• 7.6 cm x 5 cm x 18 cm


Tradition is to Personalize

A lot of brides and grooms customize their wedding favours. The traditional route is to add their names and the wedding date. offers this service of personalization. Make sure you check out our section on personalization of favour boxes, ribbons, and tags. You can also make the ribbons and tags yourself at home to make the whole thing more affordable. You can also go straight to the personalized wedding favours section in our site.

However, if it is glassware, remember that the favour might lose practicality if it is a personalized. A colorful glass jar full of candy is more useful once the candy is gone compared to a glass etched with your names and wedding date. While your family members may keep and use your personalized favours, it is highly unlikely that your colleagues at work will do the same.

traditional wedding favours shot glass personalizedThere is a middle ground when it comes to personalizing glassware.

Consider this shooter glass for example which can be personalized only with initials. That way you can personalize without putting too many details into your glassware.

Don’t be afraid to personalize with your signature. This will give it a traditional wedding favour. You can engrave this shot glass with a maximum of three initials, and it can also become a great gift for your wedding party.

• Glass material

• 6.03cm (H) x 4.45cm (Dia.)



Practical Wedding Favours

Considering traditional wedding favours can push you to choose useful and practical items for your guests. In that case, practical wedding favours such as bottle openers or flower vases can do a great job.

Key chain wedding favour uniqueThese are widely used in a traditional manner and never fail to impress any wedding guest.

For any themed look, check out these vintage styled bottle openers as possible traditional wedding favours.

Packaged in a vintage style favour box, it is a practical gift everyone is guaranteed both to enjoy and use.

Personalize the added ribbon to your liking to match your wedding theme decorations.

• 8 x 3 cm
• Gift packaging included.
• Comes with purple ribbed ribbon included in the packaging.


Mini vase traditional wedding favoursIf you want something more casual take a look at this small flower vase.

Your wedding tables become very special with these mini bud vases spread on each table setting. Fill with specials meaningful flowers for your couple for each guest to take home with them.

Available in many colors including blue, green and white, this wedding favour will suit any wedding theme look. If you intend an outdoor or garden look, you can also use them as centerpieces.

• Sold in packages of 6
• 5cm x 11.43cm H
• Contents sold separately.
• Made of Porcelain

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