Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours


    Did you know that you can give out flower seed as eco friendly wedding favours to your guests? If you want to follow the new trend in favours, go "green" with eco-friendly wedding favours at Find eco-friendly wedding favors such as flower seeds, organic bags and garden supplies.
Eco friendly wedding favours


Eco Friendly wedding favours are the new trend right now. has a great selection of eco-friendly favours which are sure to sow great memories of your big day. Add that extra flair to your wedding tables with green favour boxes, flower seed favours and water containers.

Everybody knows the amount of stress that comes with weddings. If not properly planned, a wedding might become very expensive. Add to that the damage done to the environment with unwanted wedding favours ending up in garbage bins.

This doesn’t need to be the case however. There are actually many ways to give out wedding favours which are both useful, meaningful and eco-friendly. encourages the use of eco-friendly wedding favours to support your local environment and community.

Flower Seed Favours

Did you know that you can give out flower seed as eco friendly wedding favours to your guests? The bride and groom can select a flower with a special meaning to them or with a colour that they love and give them as gifts for your guests’ gardens. With most people living in a city environment, try to pick flowers which grow easily in a window box for guests without gardens.

eco-friendly see wedding cardAs a first possible eco-friendly favour, check out this organic wildflower seed favour wich a stylish botanical look. It features two detachable blossoms on which you can embed wildflower seeds.

The other side of the card also features a message inviting your guests to plant the seeds and watch each flower grow! This gift is available in a variety of colours which can suit your selected wedding theme and then personalized with names and a wedding date.


• Sold in packages of 12
• Adhesive not included
• 9.8 x 12.7 cm
• Some assembly required

love birds seeds eco-friendly wedding favoursContinuing with the same garden and natural feel, this love birds seed favour is another eco-friendly wedding favour you could consider for your guests. Any guest will be happy to have this as an addition to their garden.

The lovebirds are also embedded with wildflower seeds and you can have a totally free customization on the card to have that polished finish.


• Sold in packages of 12
• Some assembly required
• 9.8cm x 12.7cm H
• Adhesive,  feathers and clips not included.


Home Made or Organic Preserves

If you have a preserve a special recipe or Jam, you can consider giving this to your guests as a unique eco-friendly gift. You can also purchase organic preserves from your local market as an alternative if you want to save yourself some hassle.

Eco friendly Wedding Favours Bags

Did you know that Cotton is one of the most biodegradable fabrics you can have? In a compost, it can biodegrade within a week or two, however, it usually takes about 4 months.

eco friendly wedding favour bagSo, if you want to give thoughtful wedding favours that are also eco-friendly, consider this section’s unique favour bags which are 100% organic cotton.

Moreover, this can be used as a gift or a favour wrap for candy or another kind of treats. They can also be used in other different ways so the sky is the limit depending on your imagination.

For personalization, you have 2 possible design prints which both convey an “eco-friendly” message.

• Sold in packages of 12
• 11 x 14 cm H
• No contents included


eco friendly wedding favours - tote bags miniature sizeThis is another cute mini tote bag which can be used as an eco-friendly wedding favour bag. Fill it with any kind of seeds, candy or sweets and its simplicity will easily suit any wedding theme.

You can also add a personal touch with a customized tag. Place it for each of your guests at the table and blend it with your table wedding decorations. Your guests are guaranteed to take this favour with them home.


• Sold in package of 10
• 6.5cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 8.5cm (H)
• 100% cotton made


We Do Green Favour Tags

After completing your selection of eco friendly wedding favours and favour bags, it is time to personalize!

eco-friendly wedding favour provides you with nice green rectangular tags which are guaranteed to add charm to your favours.

The print is on an 80lb linen finish cover paper stock. This acid-free Paper stock is made from 30% post-consumer waste.

• Order in multiples of 2
• 8.3cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)

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