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    Depending on the wedding size you are planning for, the budget for your wedding favours can become too important. provides a unique selection of cheap wedding favours which are only cheap when it comes to price and not quality. You'll find candle holders, glass jars, pots and much more.

cheap wedding favours


Depending on the wedding size you are planning for, the budget for your wedding favours can become too important. That is because you might be planning to give out one wedding favour for each individual guest or couple. Whatever you decide, this might impact the price you are planning for each of these favours. In that case, you might have to reconsider your budget and maybe look into cheap wedding favours.

Candle Holders Wedding Favours

To get into the different choices, candle holders might be one of the most simple ideas for cheap wedding favours. You can find very simple candle holders at very affordable prices and the choices are multiple. Adding pretty bows to the candles is also inexpensive and you can create something pretty for your guests. If you want to add a personal touch, the ribbons can be personalized with your names and your wedding date. Make sure to order in advance so you get everything on time.

cheap wedding favor classic glass votive holdersConsider this classic votive candle holder if you want your guests to go home with a memory of an elegant and romantic wedding.

Many brides and grooms underestimate the importance of that charming candlelight feel they can add to their wedding tables. If you are the romantic type, this is surely one of the best choices. You can use these candle holders to both decorate your tables and then give them out as wedding favours to your guests at the end of your big day. They have a very classy feel and you have many color choices to choose from so they are sure to match any wedding theme you are looking for.

• This item is sold in packages of 6
• Glass
• Features a reflective silver interior


cheap wedding favour - ring candle holderIf you are looking into casual and fun wedding themes, check out these butterfly candle holders. These are also sure to match outdoor, garden or rustic wedding themes because of that butterfly look.

There is also a good choice of colors you can choose from to match with your wedding theme including green, lavender, blue and pink. Some brides and grooms might use them around their wedding centerpiece to light up the table for their guests. If you want them as wedding favours, consider decorating them and placing them at each place setting.

• Sold in packages of 4
• Diameter 4.5 cm
• Candle glass holder included.


Glass Jars Or Bottles

Glass jars are a great choice for any couple looking for affordable wedding favours to give to their guests. Also, they make a great addition to your table wedding decorations. It is always smart to fill them with sweet treats, or fresh flowers when they are used as decorations. The possibilities are also endless if you are looking to personalize them for your special day!

cheap wedding favours - jar with lidConsider this small mason jar favour which features a message reading “Love Perfect Mason”.

Not only your guests will be glad to take this jar home with them but also it will look right at home at almost any themed wedding. These mason jars are made with clear glass and use a silver tin lid. They are affordable enough for even the most budget-oriented brides and grooms. Consider ordering in bulk for better prices and don’t forget to add a custom touch with stickers and tags if you want to make the favour personal.


• Sold in packages of 6
• 5cm (W) x 8.3cm (H) x 5cm (Dia.)
• Holds approximately 3 1/2oz (100ml)


small glass bottle cheap wedding favorIf you are looking for something smaller, consider these Miniature Clear Glass Bottle Favors as another choice of cheap wedding favours.

These small glass bottles come with cork lids and can be filled with any kind of candy, sweet treats or even vegetable and flower seeds. Even though these are small favours, they are very practical to keep around the kitchen.

• Sold in packages of 6
• Bottles sold undecorated.
• Charms and stickers sold separately.
• Holds approximately 2oz (50ml)
• 3cm (Dia.) x 8cm (H)

Candy Wedding Favours

Edible favours are another kind of cheap wedding favours you can consider and candy is always one of the most popular choices. You can find varied ways to give out candy as an affordable wedding favour to each wedding guest. The simplest way is to buy a nice fabric with ribbons, cut this fabric into small square pieces, put a small odd number of candy pieces in each of the squares then pull the corners together and tie them up with the ribbon. The fabric and color of the ribbons used can be matched with the chosen wedding theme.

Instead of fabric, you can also do this using small tins and filling them with the candy you purchased. Consider paying for the candy in bulk to keep the price down and put the same odd number for each guest (usually not less than five).

Finally, another way to give a candy wedding favour is to purchase candy bars with customized wrappers. These wrappers can have your name and the date of your wedding on them. The wrappers can also be bought in bulk form and become less pricey considering you use the same design on each wrapper.

Flower or Vegetable Seed Pots

Vegetable or flower seeds also make great gifts and therefore pots can be a great way to give out cheap wedding favours. The idea is to put the seeds in a pot which you can decorate or customize. The pot does not need to be large enough to grow the flower or the desired vegetable. The post is only symbolic so it can be very small or large enough to hold the seed packet. This is important since large pots can end up costing you a lot especially if you have a lot of guests. What is good about this idea is that you can also give only one pot to each couple to keep at home.

affordable wedding favours - containerFor the first choice of affordable wedding favours, is proud to present these mini metal containers. They are great for any wedding theme especially for a spring or summer style wedding, or even a rustic wedding.

They are available in silver and white. Consider filling these with any kind of small plants, flowers or seeds for your guests to take home. Add personalized stickers for a special polished finish.

• Sold in packages of 12
• 5 x 6 cm H
• Container only
• Decorations sold separately.

• Weight is 0.8 ozs

cheap wedding favour - plant potAnother possibility for a cheap wedding favour is to use these small pots which feature white daisies.

Fill these pots with small plants, fresh exotic flowers or seeds and gifts them to your guests. They will surely enjoy having them around the house long after the celebration is over. Remember to personalize with tags and ribbons to create a personal look.

• Sold in packages of 6
• 5cm x 6cm H
• Container only
• Contents not included.

• Tag and ribbon sold separately.


If you looking to really reduce costs, many couples eliminate the pots and simply put together vegetable or flower seeds and tie them up with ribbons to create a nice presentation. These are very inexpensive.

Unique Feather Pen

Another idea for an affordable and cheap wedding favour is a feather pen which you can customize with the names of the couple and the wedding date. These can be purchased at a low price and can be given with stationary and even a note encouraging your wedding guest to stay in touch. This is more personal and it shows your guest you really appreciate and value their friendship.These can be purchased at a low price and can be given with stationary and even a note encouraging your wedding guest to stay in touch. This is more personal and it shows your guest you really appreciate and value their friendship.

cheap wedding favour feather introduces Feather Pens which are much more than just affordable favours.

These pens are unique and even if they are miniature they will add that touch of elegant romance to any wedding theme. It is an inspired romantic gift that comes with a package including both a note card and a folder.

Your wedding guests might use the note card to record whatever they feel like and then deposit it in a Wishing Well box. Make sure that this unique elegant feather pen will serve as a memorable favour to take home.

• Sold in packages of 12


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