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Often, wedding favours and wedding gifts often find themselves at the bottom of the wedding planning task list. Avoid the last minute panic, and start your planning early.

At, we carry the best selection of wedding favours to help you plan your big day! Since a wedding is the most memorable moment in a couple’s life, such an occasion deserves picking out unique wedding favours for your guests.

Wedding favours are still very important today as they are the only thing your guests will take home after your wedding celebration is over. Whenever they see this souvenir, the memory of your wedding will pop up in their minds. So you don’t want to underestimate the  effort you put on picking out some unique wedding favours. A lot of wedding couples don’t give enough significance to selecting an unusual wedding favour.

Unique Wedding Favours

But what is a wedding favour? Whether you want to do it yourself or buy online, think about wedding favours as wedding gifts or souvenirs that your guests will take with them and keep for years to come. It is therefore good to choose unique and unusual wedding favours.

For wedding couples, the key to a wedding is always to make it different and unique. Your favours have to be the same! Also, it is important to give away wedding favours only if they have meaning to you and if you care about the memory of your wedding. Beautiful experiences and souvenirs are the best gift you can give to your guests. Make sure the unique wedding favours you select represent the overall theme of your wedding to add flair to the memory.

Selecting Wedding Favours

Regarding the selection of wedding favours, there are multiple ways you can go. You might need to go with conventional or traditional wedding favours, vintage favours, personalized wedding favours, or finally themed favours. Here are some tips which will enable you to settle on the best fitting favours for your wedding.

Vintage Wedding Favours

If you are having a vintage wedding, consider vintage wedding favours to go along with it. Think laces, hand fans, floral arrangement containers, ribbons and anything elaborate. In the old days, favours were always handed out in cozy gatherings as well as very large celebrations. The wealthy and rich always wanted to give out tokens of their riches. Many couples keep this mind when selecting their vintage wedding favours to stay within the overall theme of their vintage wedding decorations.

Traditional Wedding Favours

When it comes to traditional favours, many couples hand out baked goods in wonderful boxes. Other couples today are choosing traditional favours with a practical application, the most popular being bottle-openers, sub-glasses and key rings which can be both functional and amusing for your guests to remember you and your special day. Other examples of conventional favours can be picture frames with photos of the couple and the typical wine stoppers.

Unique Wedding Souvenir Ideas

A few brides even decide they want to create their own particular favours. There are many unique wedding souvenir ideas you can go for and the choices are unlimited and personal. Some brides end up with candles tied with ribbons, or even bird houses that they can beautify themselves.

Themed Wedding Favours

With your favours, it is also possible to supplement your wedding theme decoration or the place of your reception. One great advantage that favours can have is to add beauty and class to the wedding venue. Smart couples often use unique wedding favours for decoration purposes in their reception venue, it will add that extra cool feel to your wedding tables as well as impress your guests. They can be in any form and size and the selection of favours is so vast today that practically everybody can find a perfect choice to go along with their preferences.

So if you are considering a wedding theme, consider choosing a wedding favour that goes along with that theme. This wedding favour also has to fit with your wedding theme decoration.

Remember that the ideal wedding favour is much easier to select when you already have a specific wedding theme. Check out the wedding themes we have listed below to have an idea. We have listed color based favours also to help fit with the overall theme such as yellow wedding favours for summer themes or white wedding favours for winter and glamourous themes.

If it is a beach wedding, you can pick out a wedding favour from the ocean like a dried starfish. Many people like to display these in their homes them. They will always relate to the vibe and the look of your wedding.

You can always customize your wedding favours with your guest’s name and your wedding details to give an authentic memory. That gives the impression that you truly had each guest in mind as you were planning your wedding. That is something which cannot be shown in any other item during your wedding.

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    Vintage Wedding Favours

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