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wedding favour tags



It is not always required to have wedding favours. However, it is widely expected as they represent the only thank-you gesture to your guests. So you can be sure they will not go unnoticed. A wedding favour can be complex and very unique and also can be as simple as candy in a wrapper. Wherever your imagination leads you, you should always think of polishing off your favours or your wedding favour boxes with simple personalized wedding favour tags.

They can be added very easily to any favour box or to a wedding gift for the wedding party. They also make perfect labels for about anything.

Match with your Wedding Theme

Wedding favour tags are not only good for favours, they are also perfect for the embellishment of your table decorations. Favour tags are also the perfect way to send a more personal thank-you to each of your wedding guests.

If you are going with a specific wedding theme, try matching your favours with the wedding theme. Wedding favour tags help accomplish this because you can write on your tags something related to the theme. You can also pick the colour for the writing on the tags. You can finish by tying the tag with a ribbon with your choice of colour to match your theme.

Small Rectangular Favour tags

If you are considering having small favours, it is important to use small rectangular wedding favour tags. They will add instant charm to your favours and will not compromise them because of their size. Many couples do the mistake of choosing relatively large tags to add long quotations. This sometimes gives the impression that the favours are too relatively small. Consider also combining with other stationery components to create a cohesive and fitting look.

Personalized Wedding Favour Tags

Almost all wedding favour tags can be customized before final printing. You can add the wedding date as well as your names, or any other detail you would like to include. For big wedding favours, choose a larger tag to allow more space for all the desired information.

Wedding favour tags always look better when printed on heavy cardstock, so make sure you have the good quality you are looking for. Also, you may want to try different colours of paper to get the right look if you are matching with a certain theme.

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